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We all know that “People power business” and we also know that “What doesn’t get Talked Out get Acted Out”,  so here at HR with Harte we’re all about Practicing Productive Conflict to enhance the Human Experience at Work.

Showing people how to have a Positive Influence on the conflict in their working lives and to master the confidence with skills to engage constructively in all workplace conversations is at the core of our work.

We believe there are no neutral human interactions.

Think about it; any time you inter act with another person you will leave that interaction feeling either better or worse than you did beforehand; think about the conversations you have had today?

One of the cornerstones of our work is to have a heart and remember we are all human beings who can’t help but bring our needs, interests and emotions with us to work.  We might think it would be great if we could sometimes leave ourselves at the door but we know this simply isn’t possible. Someone will say something and we’ll be triggered; next thing you know we’re feeling defensive, frustrated or worse.

Given that most of us interact with other people at work, we will face difficult conversations from time to time and if you are in a leadership position, maybe even daily.  

Unfortunately the skills to navigate conflict in a positive and productive way are not taught very often and a lot of working people we meet are working with unresolved conflict or conflict that’s been poorly handled.  This results in good people pushing against each other and relationships are fraught with negative emotion and bad feelings.

So, it’s really important to know how to recognise conflict, to learn how to navigate it and create positive outcomes to strengthen relationships.

It’s simply good for people and good for business

Jan ☺

Jan Harte

Jan Harte

Jan Harte is a HR Advisor, Leadership Coach, Mediator, Workplace Investigator, an Author and a Speaker and she has worked in the field of HR and Leadership for more than 25 years.  Jan is a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development and an accredited Mediator. She holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Management, along with qualifications in Personnel Management, Employment Law, Mediation, Business and Executive Coaching and Training.