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There’s a lot of talk in the media about young people being bullied in schools and through cyber-bullying.  However, bullying in the workplace is just as prevalent and yet we hear little about that.

A 2007 International survey conducted by Zogby shows that an estimated 37% of workers have been bullied at work, or repeatedly been mistreated in a health-harming way.  The percentage, when witnesses are included is 49%. That’s almost half the workforce!

If you are not subjected to bullying type behaviour yourself, it can be difficult to recognise it and act on it.  Today’s blog is to highlight the types of behaviours the word ‘Bullying’ encompasses.

 Here are 8 Signs that you are experiencing Bullying at Work:

  1. Feeling anxious the night before you start your workweek. While few people look forward to Mondays, they shouldn’t cause you to feel physically ill.
  2. Constant criticism from your boss or co-workers is constant, despite your history of delivering consist    consistently high levels of performance.
  3. Being screamed at, humiliated or intimidated on a regular basis. Many bullies like to shout and raise their voice to make themselves heard.
  4. Your boss or co-workers keep a running file and regularly remind you of your mistakes for no constructive reason or hold you accountable for mistakes you didn’t make.
  5. Someone at work is spreading destructive gossip, lies or rumours about you. Failing to stop a rumour about somebody from spreading can also be a form of bullying type behaviour.
  6. Feeling like you are being singled out or isolated by your co-workers or your boss, either socially or physically. This can include being left out of meetings or lunches or having your desk moved without any knowledge or input.
  7. Using all your holiday leave for mental health days or to get away from work anxiety.
  8. Changing the rules about your work or not completing tasks that contribute to your success e.g. not signing off on documents or not taking or making calls.

This of course, is only a few examples of bullying type behaviour.  If you are experiencing any of these behaviours at work, it may be Bullying and it’s important to speak to somebody that can help you identify what you are dealing with and how to support yourself and resolve the problem.

Onwards Courageous Hearts